Hello world.

I started this blog as a forty-something mother of one living in Scotland, who was worried about getting fit for the Super Spartan Race in 2015. I just about managed it, and since then I’ve kept blogging, had a break & started again in 2019. I’m still hanging on to my 40s, but now I’m unfit, peri menopausal and generally a bit hot & fed up, although I still have Queen like tendencies. The next stage of this blog will about middle age, health & wellbeing and anything else I feel like talking about.

 I work for the money; the rest of my time is spent looking after my young son, hanging out with friends, reading, dreaming about writing, swinging kettlebells and generally trying to get fitter so I don’t die at an early age.

I’m an unsophisticated blogger, so I don’t have a ton of links, media and all the really interesting things that make blogs high profile. Just me, flexing my writing muscles and saying my piece. If you like my blog, boost my ego by clicking follow and feel free to share with anyone you think would like it too.

You can also follow me on Twitter if so inclined @msjudehunter

Thanks for reading…


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  1. Donna lancaster April 14, 2015 — 5:06 am

    Loving your writing Jude. Especially the important issue of farting during yoga….so good to know I’m not alone. Thank you xxx


  2. Loving your blog Jude.


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